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Managing and monitoring the cloud has never been so fast and effective! Available in the SaaS model, CloudCockpit is an integrated administration web platform that optimizes and streamlines CSPs operations, enabling increased profitability, productivity and revenue.

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Why CloudCockpit?

CloudCockpit is a web console to centrally manage the
reseller network of cloud products, allowing to manage
customer information and control subscriptions.



From the moment the partner is certified as Microsoft CSP, in half a day it has the platform ready to use and integrated
with its core business. A self-service mode by enabling customers to manage the entire service.

More profitability

Elimination or decrease of the need to support resellers. There is a significant increase in the ability to grow the resellers network, because there is less time consumed with each one.

No initial investment

It is a risk-sharing model, since the cost of the platform is directly related to the Cloud Solution Provider business volume. A win-win model supporting the
scalability needs.

Business growth

With the use of the CloudCockpit platform, companies have seen a strong acceleration in sales growth, both in the existing base and in attracting new partners, while fully monitoring and controlling their data.

One of Ireland's largest CSP is working with Cloudcockpit and has very significant growth rates. Its resellers continue to sell every month, which makes it possible to understand that business growth is sustained and continuous.

Nuno Guerra, CEO, Create IT

Manage the Cloud. Are you ready?

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