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Why CloudCockpit for Microsoft CSPs?

Among many great benefits for your business, we highlight the following:

From the moment you are certified as Microsoft CSP, in half a day you have the platform ready to use and integrated with your core business. A self-service model that enables you to manage the entire service.

Eliminate or reduce the need to support resellers. There is a significant increase in the ability to grow your resellers network because there is less time consumed with each one.

It is a risk-sharing model since the cost of the platform is directly related to your business volume. A win-win model supporting the scalability needs.

With the use of the CloudCockpit platform, companies have seen a strong acceleration in sales growth, both in the existing base and in attracting new partners, while fully monitoring and controlling their data.

CloudCockpit is ready. What about you?

  • Increases profitability
  • Accelerates time-to-market for Microsoft CSPs - fully automated platform, focus on GTM, not coding APIs and updates
  • Enables and scales Sales Channels
  • Maintains control of your customer data and cloud business
  • Integrates Microsoft cloud services with your existing core business
  • SaaS solution that adapts to your business
  • Simplifies the billing process for each customer/reseller, and allows you to support a reselling/sales channel
  • Gives autonomy and self-service capability to the reselling/sales channel
  • Allows provisioning of third-party service providers, including Azure Resources Provisioning based on ARM templates

CloudCockpit features

Among many features that you will love, we highlight the following:

  • Fully integrated Administration Panel for CSPs, with Sales Channel (Direct CSP) and Resellers (Indirect CSP) Support
  • Uses your own brand name, supporting separated Portal instances, with different currencies, for selling to different markets
  • Real-time “” domain availability validation. Real-time customer address validation
  • Subscription offers according to the CSP country market
  • Price list Distributor margin configurable per Reseller
  • Manage customers, subscriptions, users, user licenses and user permissions. Assign types to customers and filter the available offers for each customer
  • Modular architecture with separated components and extensibility capabilities like support for third-party offer’s provisioning
  • Ability to export Reseller/Customer/Subscription information, for easy integration with the CSP backend systems
  • Allow Direct CSPs to have a Portal for their Sales Channels. Allow Indirect CSP distributors to provide an Admin Panel for its Resellers
  • Allow the Sales Channels and the Resellers to be autonomous in managing their customers and subscriptions
  • Azure ARM Provisioning Automation
  • Google Tag Manager/Analytics Integration
  • UI Customizations

    • Login Page Logos (Text or Image)
    • Favorite Icon (Image)
    • Top Left Title (Text)
    • Theme Base Color (Hexadecimal color code)
    • Currency code (eur, usd, gbp, others if necessary)
  • Chat and Ticketing Widget Integration - Examples: Zendesk,, etc.

Schedule a one-to-one demo

Available in the SaaS model, CloudCockpit is an integrated administration web platform that optimizes and streamlines CSPs operations. Get in touch and see it in action.

CloudCockpit is one of our most valuable partners. The product provides an excellent customer experience focused on helping us, and our resellers, to achieve our vision and strategy. With an agile approach to product development, they release features that deeply take into account our feedback.

Rory Wilson, CEO, MicroWarehouse

Manage the Cloud. Are you ready?

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