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Growing together is what best defines our relationships, as well as trust, commitment and dedication. 


Everything is much easier in CloudCockpit. For instance, in our previous portal creating a new customer was a difficult process, with multiple screens and many steps. In CloudCockpit it is just a couple of clicks. This saves me a lot of time and reduces the chance of mistakes.

Sietske Hofman, Office Manager, Optimum ICT

CloudCockpit has assumed a decisive role in the growth of our CSP Business. More importantly, it allowed our stakeholders to start demystifying some of the fears around the development of cloud-based solutions and take the main stage in the process of digital and social transformation. Establishing itself as a simple and intuitive facilitator for Business processes, CloudCockpit enhanced the knowledge sharing inside JP.DI team and throughout the partner network allowing them to give a huge leap in their own Business model, based on value generation. In addition to that, we are pleased to find that the CloudCockpit Team pays close attention to user feedback which translates to frequent releases as it adapts to new business needs and provides solutions that allow the business to scale up with agility and flexibility. For all this, we can’t think of a better tool to address the CSP business than CloudCockpit.

Ricardo Ferreira, Managing Director, JP.DI

CloudCockpit is one of our most valuable partners. The product provides an excellent customer experience focused on helping us, and our resellers, to achieve our vision and strategy. With an agile approach to product development, they release features that deeply take into account our feedback.

Rory Wilson, CEO, MicroWarehouse

CloudCockpit allowed us to start working as a Cloud Solution Provider in record time. Using this SaaS product we don't need to worry about infra-structure, IT support and training. CloudCockpit has an easy and intuitive User Interface that is self-explanatory. Together with the ability for end-customer to manage and self-service their subscriptions, we are rapidly growing our business.

Tonny Siemons, Founder/CEO,

We are really proud to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers in the World. CloudCockpit platform is definitely helping us to achieve these great results and fulfill our mission of ‘shaping the future that works for all of us by putting people first and empowering them’.

Adamu Garba II, CEO, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited

MicroWarehouse Case Study

MicroWarehouse needed to find a Partner with knowledge about CSP APIs integration and Platform Development to quickly provide a Platform to its Resellers and be able to support its Business Goals and provide the capability to adapt to Microsoft changes to the CSP Business. CloudCockpit revealed to be a natural choice, due to its fast deployment and cloud-driven globalization, reinforced by modular and extensive ability to integrate with Microsoft but also with other Cloud Solution Providers.

MicroWarehouse Case Study

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