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CloudCockpit is a web console to centrally manage the CSP network of cloud products, allowing to manage customer information and control subscriptions.

As it is available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, there is no initial investment and no setup, installation and configuration costs. One of the great advantages is exactly to eliminate entry barriers.

Types of products per subscription:

  • Monthly subscription: Office 365, Dynamic CRM
  • Usage Subscription: Azure products
  • Third-party Subscription: any products that the CSP wishes to work with

As a practical example, imagine an organization that receives requests manually or by email, fax or any other method. With CloudCockpit a a salesperson can registered directly on the platform, and scripts run automatically. As such, the CSP partner significantly reduces operating costs, facilitating growth.

The solution works by supporting and simultaneously to support the relationship with the partners team who have their offer. It allows to scale the sales channel faster and support it more efficiently.

The flow is simple: the CSP sells directly or through the reseller. This reseller will sell to a company and that company has a universe of users.

There is also the possibility of complementing the solution or supporting the partners in optimizing their operations with associated services, such as integrating the information with existing billing systems.

CloudCockpit is already proving its value across multiple Microsoft partners:

One of Ireland's largest CSP is working with Cloudcockpit and has very significant growth rates. Its resellers continue to sell every month, which makes it possible to understand that business growth is sustained and continuous.

Nuno Guerra, CEO, Create IT

CloudCockpit allowed us to start working as a Cloud Solution Provider in record time. Using this SaaS product we don't need to worry about infra-structure, IT support and training. CloudCockpit has an easy and intuitive User Interface that is self-explanatory. Together with the ability for end-customer to manage and self-service their subscriptions, we are rapidly growing our business.

Tonny Siemons, Founder/CEO,

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